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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vida Guerra Hot Gallery

Vida Guerra (born March 19, 1974) is a Cuban-born American model, actress, and singer. Her first notable appearance was in the U.S. edition of FHM magazine in December 2002; since then, she has modeled for many other men’s magazines.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Guerra moved to the United States soon after, ending up in the town of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. While growing up, she entered several fashion shows modeling swim wear, and appeared in a few music videos.

You think you've met the perfect guy. He's sweet and sensitive, yet manly with a take-charge attitude. Now you're wondering if you should take things to the next level.
But before you get intimate with him, we suggest you look for these five signs that tell you if your guy will be able to keep you happy in bed.
He's a great kisser

If his kisses feel less like an intrusive oral examination and more like a soft, sensuous exchange, he's sure to be the kind of guy who likes to take it slow and nice in bed and not get too mechanical about things.

He's a good dancer

We're not talking about bumping and grinding here, that's just for hormone-charged teenagers. If your guy is the type who loves to slow dance with you, if he makes subtle moves that make you go 'Ooooh!', he's probably got a lot more to offer in the bedroom when shows off some of his other, less publicly acceptable, moves.

He can make you feel sexy

He treats you like a princess, and it's not just when he thinks he might get some action. If your guy showers you with adoring gazes, compliments and respects you, he'll be showing the same appreciation for your body when you finally sleep together.

He smells great

Sure, this one is superficial, but when you're under the covers, the last thing you want is the guy on top of you smelling like a pig. If you think he's got BO, you could get him your favorite male deo to be on the safe side.

He talks dirty…and is good at it

Most guys who do this only end up with their girlfriends laughing at them. If your man can whisper raunchy, sexy stuff in your ear that makes your toes curl, he should be able to do what he's talking about.

If he has all these traits, the man is for keeps. It's worth noting this guy's probably been around the block a few thousand times, so make sure he suits up.

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