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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scintillating Ocean Beauty Sashi Naidoo in Bikini

Scintillating Ocean Beauty Sashi Naidoo in Bikini — Sunshine, ocean and Sashi Naidoo… It’s kinda like rugby, racing and beer for that matter. Either way, any catchy slogan gains mass appeal in the FHM universe when it means seeing Sashi sizzle in very little clothing. And it gets even better as she gets wetter.

A South African model of Indian descent, Shashi is an actress and television presenter best known for co-hosting the magazine show 20 Something in South Africa. Naidoo, 27, was voted the 14th sexiest woman in the world by South African FHM readers and we can sure see why. Enjoy seductive scintillating Sashi Naidoo in all her sun-kissed beauty photoshoot in bikini.

Popular cholesterol drug Crestor, manufactured by AstraZeneca, has just received the support of an expert panel from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for expanded use among healthy people. The panel voted 12-4 in favor of extending the drug’s application to include use by patients having healthy cholesterol levels for the prevention of heart attack, stroke, and death.

The panel concluded that the benefits of Crestor outweigh the risks for use in patients having normal cholesterol levels, and no history of heart disease. Although the FDA is not required to act in accordance with the panel’s recommendation, the expert advice will be seriously considered, and a decision on the matter is expected within the first quarter of 2010. If the FDA agrees with panel’s recommendations, more than 6.5 patients will become potential candidates for use of the drug, thereby substantially increasing the Crestor market for AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca’s request to expand the application of Crestor was based on results of last year’s JUPITER study that revealed a 44 percent reduction in heart related health issues including heart attacks, stroke, necessary surgery to open or stent clogged arteries, and death from heart disease among patients taking Crestor, in comparison to those taking a placebo. One heart attack, stroke, or death was prevented for every 25 people who were treated with the drug.

The JUPITER study involved nearly 18,000 men and women having an average age of 66. Participants received either 20 mg of Crestor or a placebo for 1.9 years. At the end of the study, subjects taking Crestor had an average LDL cholesterol of 55 mg/dL, which was down from an average of 109 mg/dL at the beginning of the study.



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