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Thursday, July 22, 2010

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How to Control Your Husband Without Him Knowing! Here Are Some Sneaky Tricks You Must Read :-

Everybody likes to be in the controlling position. This is because the person who is in this position automatically gets his/her way! However, men do not want to be controlled and stay away from domineering women. That is why women want to know how to dominate their husbands without them knowing. Here are some ways you can do it.

Pick up the technique of insinuation
This is one of the most effective ways of getting people to do what you want them to do without commanding them to do it. All you have to do is gently insinuate that the thing you want him to do would be the best thing for all around and before you know it, he will do it and you would have got your wish!

Nudge him gently - don't push!
If you try to persuade your husband by being too pushy he is not going to oblige. Instead the trick is to nudge him gently in the right direction. You can do this with a sweet sexy little smile, a gentle reminder and a tender caress! He is a sucker for your smiles so it should not be too hard!

Seduction is the easiest way to manipulate your husband
One of the most effective ways to get him to do what you like is to seduce him! Play him like a violin and use all you've got! Be intoxicating, soft and sexy. He will never be able to resist you. As long as you make sure that your relationship is a loving one you will be able to control him without any trouble at all!

Don't beg - ask him!
Many women make the mistake of begging their men to do something for them. This makes the man even more stubborn and opposed to complying with their wishes. Instead if you ask or request him politely he won't find the heart to say "no"! This way you won't be pressurizing him into doing what you ask!

Sulk! Pout!
It's wonderful how your husband can come around when their wives "punish" them by locking them out of the bedroom, give them the silent treatment and get into a mood! If you "pout" and refuse to "give in" he will do whatever you want - just so that you are in the right mood again.

Don't tie him down - instead give him a long rope!
As long as you show your husband that you understand his need to have some time alone, he will be more than grateful to you. He will try to reciprocate your gesture by being compliant and ready to grant your every wish! What he does not know is that you have been longing for some time alone too!

Get sentimental and "weepy" when it suits you!
Every woman knows that she can use her crocodile tears to get what she wants! The moment she gets weepy and turns on the tap, he can't stand it and can't handle it! It works like magic - before you know it, he will comply with your wishes and be none the wiser for it!

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