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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kim K is Looking Healthy

Kim Kardashian was on Live With Regis and Kelly recently, but let's face it - no one cares about what she was actually doing in New York. The only thing I... I mean people... care about is her ridiculous curvy body. She was intent on showing it off, too, by wearing one of the tightest dresses known to man.

It's good to see that Kim is keeping up with her appearance, even after she got Reggie Bush'd. Most girls would just let themselves go after being cheated on and dumped, but not Kimmy.

Gold "Crisis Protection" Proven as Eurozone's Greek Bail-Out Begins

THE PRICE OF GOLD retained a slight weekly gain as the close approached in London on Friday, trading above $1141 an ounce while the Euro bounced – and world stock markets rose – following Greece's formal request for a joint European and IMF bail-out.

Gold priced in Euros spiked within 0.3% of April 9th's record, hitting €27,743 per kilo before easing back as the single currency rose.

British investors looking to buy gold, the price held at £743 an ounce – 0.3% higher from last Friday's finish – after UK data showed the economy growing half-as-fast as analysts forecast between Jan. and March, adding just 0.2% year-on-year.

Crude oil and broader commodities were little changed.

"Greece is asking for the activation of the support mechanism," said a letter sent this morning by finance minister Papaconstantinou to the European Commission, fellow Eurozone states, and the European Central Bank.

"The moment has come," Greek premier Papandreou told reporters, apparently catching the European Commission unawares.

First it denied receiving a formal bail-out request. Then the EC said it will take "some time" to trigger the rescue, currently agreed at a maximum €45 billion (£60bn).

Thursday had seen Greek bond prices sink to new crisis-lows, driving the yield offered by two-year debt above 10%.

As Greek bonds rallied on Friday, German Bund prices ticked lower alongside UK and US Treasury debt.

Germany's Dax rose 1.4% by lunchtime in Frankfurt. Athens' stock market jumped almost 2%.

"Although gold's Dollar-price may still be 6% below its late-2009 highs, in Euro terms gold prices are up 6% from their Dec-09 peak," notes Patrick Artus' team at French bank Natixis.

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