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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best Pictures of Christina Hendricks

I’m breaking a lot of my own rules by writing this post as we try to steer away from “hot chicks for hot chicks’ sake” galleries here unless they’re wearing Pikachu or Chun Li costumes or something, but I have to make an exception for Christina Hendricks. What can I say? The woman has magical powers.

I also wrote this post because unlike the legions of supermodels and actresses out there who have done dozens of photoshoots over their careers, Hendricks has done relatively few, and therefore there ain’t a whole lot of professional pictures that exist of her outside of three or so magazines and a few awards ceremonies, and I wanted to put the best ones all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

I’m hoping Maxim or Stuff or FHM will read this, and stop calling Heidi Montag and do shoots of a REAL woman like Hendricks, who is destroying notions of ideal body types with her logic-defying curves. Also, she needs more movie and TV roles outside of Mad Men.

I’ve posted of some of these pictures because they’re obviously hot, but some are just funny, and some are from Firefly because well, Firefly is awesome.

Gawk away!

This pretty much sums up all the other pictures

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