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Friday, September 11, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Looks Skinny, Addresses Weight Loss

As you consider the lawyers of Clifford Law Offices when you need to select your Chicago personal injury attorney, it's important to understand that, just as every lawyer is an individual, not every case is the same. We start by talking to you, to get your story. For the cases we accept, we want to assign the personal injury attorney on our staff who has a great deal of experience and success in arguing similar cases. To get an idea of the success record of our firm, please visit our Record of Justice section.
Clifford Law Offices represents many people in personal injury actions. For example, we represented an employee of a major department store who was severely burned in an explosion in the north suburbs of Chicago. Accident lawyers from the Chicago law firm also represented a critically injured victim in an explosive power plant fire in Indiana. Lawyers at the personal injury firm also represented those involved in a gas explosion at a suburban home. There are different degrees of fault and several elements are necessary to prove in court, in order to be successful against the wrongdoer in a tort action. Clifford Law Offices determines if the accident or injury is potentially recoverable in a court of law. Consulting one of our experienced Clifford Chicago personal injury lawyers will provide a sound basis on whether to pursue an action in court.

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