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Monday, April 13, 2009

Soho Rooms with the lovely Anna Vtorova

Last week we explored the infamous Soho Rooms with the lovely Anna Vtorova. This week I double your pleasure by adding the dashing Diana Yenikeeva (another former Miss Russian Pageant contestant). It’s still Day Three and now we take you deeper through the halls of this sexy night club with a sexy new host! We have two hours to get the goods before our flight to St. Petersburg, so we have to move fast. Good thing women can work in heels!

Now we say our farewell to Moscow (the city has been good to us) and hit the road to the airport. We are halfway through our Russian experience but don’t fret! If you like what you’ve seen, then you must check back because we have lots of goodies in store for you! With five more outrageous Russian models and an entire new city to explore it’s safe to say that we are just getting started. Not to mention all the Russian Standard vodka that you can imagine. Literally… we photographed Alina Ivanova in their vodka distillery. It’s a shoot you can’t miss!

Till then! Much Love from Russia!

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